In loving memory of

James David Smith

5 July, 1982 – 25 April, 2018

*** Personal introduction ***
I never thought I’d be saying goodbye to my brother at 36, but also never thought I’d have such a wonderful story to share. Yet, I find myself stuck between both of those situations, and so while I don’t have him with me anymore, his words and passions will live on.

*** Birth ***
James was born into laughter.
Our dad had been supporting a local charity fundraiser in fancy dress when he received the call that mum’s water had broken, and she was progressing in her labour fairly quickly. He quite literally showed up wearing a ridiculous outfit. It’s a story the two of us heard many times growing up, and one I will always cherish.

*** About their life / character / family / interests ***
He was a good friend.
When we were children we played together often, he remained a good older brother to throughout school, and we’d watch football together when he was home from university. He was the friend you called when you needed help moving and he would always make sure you got home alright after a long night.

James was an amazing husband and father. His wife’s name was Anna which led to a few comedic errors on our part, marrying a woman who shared a name with your sister. We joked that somehow he didn’t deserve her, but the reality was that they were perfect for each other. Their daughter Ellie was born in 2013, and she lit up his whole world.

*** Passing ***
In 2016 we were completely shocked
 by the unexpected cancer diagnosis. He didn’t deserve to go through pain in his body, he didn’t deserve to actively plan a future for his child without his presence, he didn’t deserve any of it.

But James was not silent. The moment his diagnosis was clear he started to fight. An incredible team of doctors came together with amazing treatment for him, but the reality was pretty clear that he would not make it to 40.

James poured the last moments of his life into raising money to defeat the darkness which faced him. He fought for the other brothers and sisters, parents and friends, the ones he’ll never met.

*** Remembrance / Ending ***
So, we remember him. We remember our friend who always knew the right joke to make at the right time, we remember the son and the brother who loved well. We remember the husband who loved his wife until death parted them, and we remember the father who would have moved mountains to make his daughter smile. We are forever impacted by his life, and will forever remember his life.

I loved him, and I miss him, and I am so, truly grateful that I had him in my life for as long as I did.

Please feel free to leave a tribute or share a memory, send photos to me and I will get them onto the page, thank you.

Anna (James’ sister)

*** Any additional or donation information ***
The family asks for any memorial respects be paid in the form of donations to Our Chosen Charity.

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